The UFAM Profile: Joe Bellino Jr. – Michigan House of Representatives

Speaker Profile Unite to Face Addiction Rally 2017

Joe Bellino Jr.


When your life starts to blossom, you have these dreams

Mine were: good job, loving partner, a house, kids. You never think, “I will become a drug addict, get sober some time after, and then life will go on.” Never on my mind. But at 25 years old, with a good job and engaged to be married, my life sucked.
Suicide was a viable option. Living was a burden. Couple that with the fact my father was my boss, and he said if I didn’t seek help I was fired, and you have a perfect storm of the desire and possibility to get sober.
I was at a low point and my hand was forced.
June 16th, 1983 was the day I walked into Harbor Light in Monroe, Mi. 28 days later , and with a $892.00 bill that was paid by my insurance company, life started.

Drugs of Choice

My drugs of choice were booze (Gin and tonic); pot; any pills at all; and COCAINE!
I loved me some cocaine.
I had my first drink at 12. And I never had a “social drink’ in my life. Every drink and drug were there for a purpose. To get me out of it, get screwed up, stop thinking and quit being an adult.

Life’s Weird Moves…

Life has taken a lot of weird moves. Who would have thought I would have been this accomplished? Who would ever think I would be involved in a ton of great things?
  • Six years working for the Catholic Charity, Society of St Vincent de Paul
  • Owning my own small market – Broadway Market in Monroe, Michigan since 1998
  •  Fifteen plus years on the College Board of Trustees at Monroe County Community College
  • Being able to be being  involved in or giving to so many great charities
  • And finally, but not least, being voted into public office the first time

These accomplishments are a real testament to the way I have lived my life the past 32 plus years. I am grateful to my sobriety and I endorse United to Face Addiction Michigan – UFAM. I look forward to presenting at the Rally May 18th!

Who’d of thought? The Capital building in Lansing. Photo by Peter B. Randels NOTANONYMOUS

 Unite to Face Addiction Michigan

2nd Annual Rally and Advocacy Day

May 18th, 2017 9:00am until 5:00pm



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Joe Bellino Jr. Vital Statistics:

58 years old
Sober for 34 years
Married to Peggy
Monroe Catholic Central and Monroe County Community College Graduate
Three grown daughters: Mary, Anne and Margaret
Owner of Broadway Market in Monroe since 1998
Voted into the State House of Representatives (R) 17th District in 2016
Born June 10th…..what  a coincidence.

Unite to Face Addiction Michigan – UFAM 2017 Rally

On June 2nd last year, a thousand plus recovery advocates gathered on the lawn of the state capital building in Lansing, Michigan.  It was the inaugural rally for, Unite to Face Addiction Michigan (UFAM). UFAM is a non-profit organization, established to alert lawmakers about the unique needs of the 23 million people in recovery in the United States. UFAM’s mission is to create strength in unity; eliminate the stigma of addiction; improve access to treatment; support prevention; and promote recovery through advocacy, education and outreach.  

The UFAM Mission…

Last year, Unite to Face Addiction Michigan brought together people from all walks of the recovery world: treatment centers; recovery allies;  people in recovery; addiction professionals; law makers; educators and specialty groups.   Speakers included Craig DeRoche, former Michigan Speaker of the House and person in long term recovery;  Judge Jodi Debbrecht Switalksi, a Senior Advisor at the Stuntman Group and advocate on addiction, who encouraged the crowd to get out and “do something” in order to promote change; and rally organizer Scott Masi from Brighton Center for Recovery.
Rally organizer Scott Masi speaking at the capital… photo by Peter B. Randels NOTANONYMOUS

2017 is Bigger and Better

With hashtags like #strengthinunity, #togetherwecan and #silentnomore, UFAM is showcasing its collaborative effort this year. Organizations from all over the state, Michigan lawmakers, and private individuals have been instrumental in organizing this year’s rally. UFAM is dedicated to unifying the voices of the millions of Michigan citizens impacted by addiction. As well as give a voice to the many organizations working to change the way addiction is perceived and treated in our state.  
Photo by Peter B. Randels NOTANONYMOUS

2nd Annual Rally and Advocacy Day

May 18th, 2017 9:00am until 5:00pm



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Activities for all…

  • Legislative Bullpen – meet your State Legislators
  • Over 50 Resource Tables
  • Holistic Tent with Yoga, Acupuncture, Reiki Therapy and much more!
  • Naloxone Training
Craig DeRoche on the steps of the Capital – photo Alec Green Sanford House

Some of the many Speakers and Performers…

  • Mark Lundholm – Acclaimed Comedian and Motivational Speaker
  • Craig DeRoche – National Director Justice Fellowshipember
  • John Schinholser – Director of McShin Foundation, Virginia
  • Judge Jodi Switalksi – National Advocate Stutman Group
  • Michael King – National Organization Facing Addiction
  • Matt Butler – Musician, Generation Found Documentary
  • Tommy “Gunz” Kraus – Artist, Recovery Unplugged
  • Judge Clinton Canady – Ingham County Circuit Court
  • RISE Recovery Community, Recovery Performance

The UFAM Goal for 2017

And the rally’s chief organizer and founder Scott Masi says, “This year we want the Untied to Face Addiction Michigan rally to be a platform for everything being done in the state to advocate for addiction and recovery. Sure, we want to stage an entertaining, successful rally. But our primary goal is to educate and create awareness at the state level. And we want to showcase the family perspectives on addiction – parent to child and child to parent. I could not be happier with the response I have gotten from those organizations and individuals who have stepped up to help. There is truly strength in unity. And strength in this amazing collaborative effort.”  

Join us at the capital building  in Lansing, Michigan!

Photo of the 2016 rally – Alec Green Sanford House

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