1. Fr. DFon Duford


    I am very proud of you and your accomplishments, isn’t sobriety great.? As you know I moved to 0hio July 1. I am working in 2 counties on addiction issues,, leading 2 parishes and seeing my children and grandchildren more often. My 37 years of sobriety certainly changed my life. Say hello to the Friday nite group for me. Fr. Don D.

  2. Denise Clements

    My father is looking down from heaven and I’m sure is incredibly proud of his pigeon. Sponsoring other addicts, helping them stay sober, gave purpose, pride, love and so much more to my father Charles “Baby Cakes” Reinbolt. The fact my Father had help to find his own sobriety changed my life for the better and I believe strongly in helping others do the same! I pray you’ll have incredible success at the Rally. Know that “Baby Cakes” will be with you while you Rock The House.

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