Unite to Face Addiction Michigan – UFAM 2017 Rally

On June 2nd last year, a thousand plus recovery advocates gathered on the lawn of the state capital building in Lansing, Michigan.  It was the inaugural rally for, Unite to Face Addiction Michigan (UFAM). UFAM is a non-profit organization, established to alert lawmakers about the unique needs of the 23 million people in recovery in the United States. UFAM’s mission […]

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Strength In Unity

 Michigan Stands United To Face Addiction Michigan is not alone in the loss of lives to opioids and other substances of abuse. In 2014 alone over 47,000 have died of drug overdose nationwide. Michigan ranks number 18 in deaths from overdose with over 1,700 lost in 2014 and 10th in per capita prescribing rates. Until […]

Stay Informed

Stay Informed Unite to Face Addiction – Michigan’s purpose is to unify and inform the citizens of Michigan (and beyond) of the current issues surrounding the addiction and recovery fields. STAY INFORMED and help us to unite to face addiction in Michigan! Articles coming soon…