Oakland Press – Oakland County’s opioid dataset portal provides information for residents and advocates

In 2016, over 30 county residents died from opioid abuse.

The county is trying to combat this issue with new data sets and information related to opioid abuse on its Access Oakland website.

A new open data portal focused on opioids, launched July 10, is now available

Oakland County Health Division Manager Leigh-Anne Stafford said the site was launched to raise public awareness of the opioid epidemic, and to try to be proactive in responding to this problem in Oakland County.

A few of the portal’s key feature include an interactive map that will allow users to view prescription drug drop-off locations, county prevention sites and resources, treatment locations and a map of all Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the county.

Stafford said the portal will act as a one-stop shop for prescription drug abuse information, which has been gathered from a variety of resources across the county.

Resources include the Oakland Community Health Network, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, the Oakland County Sheriff’s office, local law enforcement agencies, Alliance of Coalitions for Health Communities, Southeastern Michigan Health Association and the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office.

“Having this online data access point will allow us to target our prevention, treatment, and law enforcement efforts in the areas of most need, as well as promoting prevention, treatment and recovery resources to residents in an interactive, visual manner,” said Stafford.

By the numbers

• Since 2010, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, 134 Oakland County residents have died from an opioid overdose.

• According to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, 18 lives were saved in 2015 when deputies used Naloxone. In 2016, the sheriff’s office saw a nearly 300 percent jump when 50 people’s lives were saved.

• In 2016, 743,969 opioid prescriptions were filed in the county

• In 2016, 6,409 residents were treated for opioid abuse

Opioid deaths in Oakland County

• 2010, 10

• 2011, 10

• 2012, 13

• 2013, 14

• 2014, 21

• 2015, 33

• 2016, 33

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