2020 UFAM Rally Featured Speaker, Tony Mandarich

UFAM 2020 Rally Featured Speaker

Tony Mandarich

Former NCAA All American MSU & 2nd overall NFL Draft pick 

Tony Mandarich

Tony Mandarich, 23 years sober, still can't escape 'incredible bust' moniker


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., — Tony Mandarich took eight pills with his coffee that cold spring morning.

They were potent painkillers, habit-forming. He'd learned the second part the hard way.

They were blue gel capsules. He never forgot that detail. Over the previous four days, the former Michigan State football star had taken roughly 10 of them a day, well below his normal dosage, which nearly reached triple digits during his heyday.



Teen turns pain into a Mission

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Teen starts fundraiser for Hope Not Handcuffs in honor of late uncle who died from overdose

Nikolas Odisho
Nikolas Odisho

A 14-year-old who lost his uncle to a drug overdose is turning his pain into something positive.

Nikolas Odisho wants people to receive treatment instead of jail time. The teen has started a fundraiser for Hope Not Handcuffs, so other families won't have to lose a loved one to addiction.