Heartfelt Thank You from Scott Masi

Heartfelt Thank You from Scott Masi

Unite to Face Addiction in Michigan's 8th Annual Recovery Live Residency Tour "Giving It Away To Keep It"

5 Days of Blood, Sweat, Tears, Opening Hearts, and Pure Emotion. 21 performances; 5,000+ attendees; 10 Michigan Counties, 20 Cities, 18 Performers, Artists, and Speakers; A National Documentary Film Crew, 5 Faith based Venues, 5 Treatment Facilities, 1 Alano Club, 2 Prisons, 4 Jails, 2 Recovery Community Centers; 2 Foster Care Programs, 3 Buffet Dinners, 5 Community Performances, 1 Narcan Training, and 1 Strong Amazing Unified Community putting a Face and a Voice to Recovery in Michigan. So grateful for the support of the Community Health Departments (OCHN, Region 10, CEI-CMH, the many Sponsors (Corporate, Individual, and Communiy), the many Recovery Houses that attended, and the many Volunteers from each of the communities we shared so much of our collective experiences, strengths, and hopes!!!💖 This is not an easy week to plan, schedule, coordinate and raise funds for...but we are a resilant and compassionate group of individuals from every walk of life that has one strong passion and that is to carry the message at any cost!!! So gateful to be part of STRENGTHINUNITY as we "GIVE IT AWAY TO KEEP IT" It truly is a Blessing to be part of something bigger than me as so many bared their Souls, Hearts, Fears, and Love to benefit one another. So proud to share this Journey with so many 💖🙏🤗😜💞


Be Entertained, Become Enlightened!

Be Entertained, Become Enlightened

Comedian Mark Lundholm
Author Katie Donovan
Athlete Randy Grimes
Musician Joe Jaber

Join Mark Lundholm, Katie Donovan, Randy Grimes & Joe Jaber as they entertain us with Humor & Music to help heal and overcome life challenges with laughter, song, and strength.

The 2019 Recovery Live Residency Tour supports recovery communities and organizations working to CHANGE the way addiction is perceived in Michigan and the World.

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