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Detroit veteran recovery center needs funding to stay open

Emmanuel House

(CBS DETROIT) - Many of the men and women who help make our freedom possible are suffering. 

According to veteranaddiction.org, 11% of our veterans are dealing with substance abuse disorders

In Detroit, one of the places working to bring that number down, is now in danger of closing its doors if the community doesn't step in to help. 

CBS News Detroit Executive Producer Impacting Communities Amyre Makupson takes us inside the Emmanuel House on Detroit's west side.

"For years, I was in my addiction, and I punished myself. And I come here and I realize that I don't have to do that no more," said Gary Lee, a United States Air Force veteran.

Lee is battling addiction.

"I came back to enjoy civilian life for two weeks, discovered crack cocaine, and never heard of it didn't know what it was. A friend said try it, and never made it back." 

"I came home in the 90s. So, veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq, they felt embraced when they came back. But the problem is, is that what happened over there? I, they have a difficulty getting over what happened," said fellow Air Force veteran Jason Marovich.

Lee and Marovich are among 33 veterans battling substance abuse after trauma during active duty at the Emmanuel House Veteran Recovery Program in Detroit. Both are now working toward sobriety.